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Booster Club Advocacy Info – Richard Montgomery Athletics

Booster Club Advocacy Info

This page provides some insight to the MCPS budget process

October 26, 2019 – Superintendent releases MCPS Superintendent proposed CIP fiscal 2021 capital budget released 10-26-19

The capital budget factors into the operating budget

December 18, 2019 – Public Presentation of the Recommended Operating Budget, location to be
determined.  MCPS FY 2021 Operating Budget Calendar  Public comments at BOE meetings in December and January

Link to MCPS How to Get Involved in the Budget Process 

Response to the Nov 2019 request of MCPS for information about the budget for interscholastic athletic funds – 

In Chapter 1, Schools operating budget, each middle and high school is allocated the same stipend positions to support athletic and non-athletic activities. A list of the activities, by school level, may be found in Attachment A or by going to the following link:

In addition to the allocated stipend positions, interscholastic athletic funds are allocated to support middle school athletic and intramural programs and high school athletic programs and corollary sports programs in the amount of $2,690,808 for FY 2020. Funds are used for athletics officials, athletic trainers, security at events, contractual services, materials to support Title IX sports programs, other materials, equipment, awards, swim facility rentals, countywide coordinators, athletic handbook revisions (including sports schedules), and more. High school athletic directors and middle school athletic coordinators determine materials and equipment needs at the school level.