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FAQ – Richard Montgomery Athletics



Frequently Asked Questions  Boosters and Donations

What is a Booster Club?

A Booster Club is an organization formed to support a group, sport team or organization.  The RMHS Athletic Booster Club aka Rocket Athletics helps raise money, coordinate events, and provides support for the athletic department at RM.

The Booster Club is run by a board which consists of Officers and Committee Heads. Officers are elected by members and then officers appoint committee heads.

Membership is granted to people over 18 that donate to the club so that donors can have say in how the organization runs.

The Booster Club sets the membership amount each year.  Any donation of that amount or more qualifies someone 18 and older to become a member.

Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

RMHS Athletic Booster Club is a charitable organization exempt from taxation under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

How can I give support to RM Athletics?

The two main ways to help are to: Give Money and Give Support.   You can Donate and Volunteer on the Home page.

The RMHS Athletic Booster Club is a 501(c)3 organization and your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Why am I being asked to donate money each season?

Because it costs money to run the activity and the county allocates only a portion of the athletic department budget and the community raises money to make up the difference.  RM Athletics is asking for help from those that play a sport.

If your child plays 2 or 3 sports, you can do your donations all at once by clicking on the donation pages for Fall, Winter and Spring or you can donate as the seasons come along.  You can even do a recurring monthly payment thru PayPal when you click on our Donate Now option.

Do I need to wait until my child plays a sport to donate?

No you don’t.  A donation now is the same as donating later when you register.  We remind people about the Athletic Department financial need every season, but you can donate at any time and know that your support now counts as much as waiting for the season to start.

If your child plays 2 or 3 sports, simply click on the donation drive button for that season.  You can do it at any time during the year.

Does $40 or $50 or $75 per player, per season cover the cost of playing a sport?

No it doesn’t.  The actual cost per athlete, per season is closer to $220 per athlete and after funding from MCPS and ticket sales, the cost per athlete is over $120.  Registration Donations are one piece of the Booster club fundraising so we ask that families do what they can.

Frederick County, MD charges $90 per athlete, per season, and Loudoun County, VA charges $150 per athlete, per season.

MCPS used to have an (ECA) activity fee.  What was that for?

In 2017-2018 school year, MCPS stopped charging the ECA Fee.  The $33 annual ECA fee was an attempt to offset the costs of programs offered but it wasn’t a big enough fee to truly offset the cost and the fee didn’t make it back to the schools in a discernible manner so the collection of the fee was very irregular.

Frederick County, MD charges $90 per athlete, per season.

Loudoun County, VA charges $150 per athlete, per season.

What is the difference between a Donation and Membership Dues?

Not much – If you donate you become a member and if you give money for membership you are donating.  All the money goes to the same place.

When someone donates and is over 18, they become a member.  All money for donations and membership go to the Booster Club and the Booster club only spends money to support RM Athletics.

So if you donate, you become a member and if you donate three times for three sports, you are still a member and you have supported the school by helping pay some of the cost of the sport.

You aren’t required to do anything by becoming a member but you are of course welcome to attend Booster meetings as a member and your input is always important.

Who gets my donation?

Your tax deductible donation goes to RMHS Athletic Booster Club, Inc. a not-for profit 501(c)3 that is supervised by RMHS and MCPS and only spends money to support RMHS and RM Athletics.

Meetings are held monthly, budgets are voted on in September, officers are elected in May

Can I donate more than the suggested amount?

Of Course!  The suggested amount is $40 per player, per sport and that covers only a portion of the actual cost of around $120 per player.

To raise the actual amount needed, the Booster Club and School go to great lengths to do additional fundraisers.

So if you can offer greater support than the $40 requested, the need is certainly there and we thank you.  When you use our Donate Now option, you have the choice of making a one time donation or a recurring monthly donation.